Textfeld: Bernd Diehm Ingenieurbüro
für elektronische Steuerungen GmbH






Examples of our projects:


·        Complete electrical engineering for the control of dampers working in printing presses
for the company DAHLGREN


·        Spare parts delivery for dampeners of the company DAHLGREN

·        PLC software for a painting device at a printing press


·        Software for one high performance -- transportation and double stacking units for sheet of papers
(End consumer Securency/Australia)

·        Unrolling unit for foil rolls

·        Cutting device for cutting foil rolls

·        Software for bundling machines

·        Software for a car-wash for raw state coaches (automobile industry)

·        Software and hardware for a spraying oil on sheets of metals


·        Machine for the production of cake baking tins


·        Drilling machine for the production of wood parts for kitchens


·        Conveyer for EURO pallets


·        Transportation and handling unit way for the production of refrigerators


·        Shadowing unit for a office building with automatic adjustement of the lamellas



Please appeal to us also with your project.



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